The STRADA EVO offers functionality to enhance your parking solution into a multi-purpose sales and information channel.  Our advanced parking payment machine gives you greatly enhanced software, large colour screens, extended keyboards and the power of cloud-computing.  It is now more than just a parking machine, in addition to creating revenue from parking payment, it can also provide the platform to communicate to your city/town and its residents/tourists.

Strada Evo Coin Only

Strada Evo Coin Only

Strada Evo Coin and Contactless

Strada Evo Coin and Contactless

Strada Evo Pal

Strada Evo Pal

General Design

  • Anti-corrosive steel
  • External dimensions: (mm) 1674 - 1890 H x 475 W x 379 D
  • Each meter supplied with Ground anchoring pedestal suitable for installation on a flat or inclined surface
  • Weight: 90 kg – 130 kg (depending on specification)
  • Standard colour: Jet Black
  • Operating Temperature & Humidity: -25°C to +55°C/up to 95% relative humidity at 55°C
  • EN 12414 / CE marking 

User Interface

  • LCD screen with LED back lighting (STRADA Standard)
  • 7" colour screen 262,144 colours (STRADA PAL)
  • Monitor dimensions: 152 x 91 mm, resolution: 800 x 480 pixels (STRADA PAL)
  • Capacitive keyboard
  • 3 standard versions: Pay & Display / Pay-By-Plate / Pay-By-Space 

Payment Options


  • Fully Electronic digitally controlled Coin selector
  • automatic opening upon coin insertion
  • Programmable up to 14 different coin denominations or tokens
  • Electronically controlled multi-criteria coin verification


  • Contact & contactless card acceptance
  • Latest EMV 2000, PCI-PED, UKCC, Mifare®, ISO 14443, NFC

Smart phone:

  • Apple Pay & Android Pay 

Coin Storage & Collection

  • Patented Keyless electronic vault lock with remote de-activation in event of loss or theft of “E-key”
  • Box-in, Box-out collection, each meter supplied with 2 cashboxes
  • Box Weight: 1.6 kg empty. 19.6 kg (approx.) full
  • Volume - 4.6 Litres 

Power supply

  • Solar powered trickle charge with long-life sealed lead-acid batteries 

Ticket Printing

  • Thermal graphic printer - Horizontal or vertical printing - Text and logo - 8 dots per mm per line - 448 dots per column
  • Paper or self-adhesive tickets supplied on rolls
  • Standard format Receipt with tear-off stub (capacity up to 3,800 tickets per roll)


  • 4G / 5G  

Environmental Compliance

  • More than 95% recyclable (ISO 22628)/European directives - RoHS and WEEE 


  • Money storage EN 14450 Level 2 certified
  • Patented On-line Attack detection
  • Optional additional shielding and security enhancements 

Some of the features described may be optional. 

Due to continual product development, specifications are subject to change without notice


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