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We've been very busy lately with two big jobs completed for Galway and Sligo 

City of The Tribes Welcomes UTS & Flowbird

Galway City had been operating Pay & Display Parking since 2003 and their meters had reached the end of their useful lives. There was a degree of urgency to replace 20 meters in 2017 as the number of operational meters in the City had reduced to a critical level. A tender was awarded to UTS for the Parkeon STRADA “Rapide” Evo II meters. These were supplied without armouring to meet a tender price point. The Contract required UTS to act as Project Managers – providing the logistics such as civil works and disposal of the old meters.

Subsequent to the success of the project The City tendered for the replacement of the balance of their meters (approx. 70) in 2018 which was also awarded to UTS. However between the installation of Phase 1 in 2017 and the second tender there had been an unprecedented escalation of Vandalism on meters and UTS took a decision to include a full optional armouring pack in the new meters to ensure they were adequately protected from escalating levels of attacks resulting in loss of income occurring in meters elsewhere across the Country.

All of the new STRADA “Rapide” meters in Galway offer coin and contactless payment and there is a constantly increasing use of contactless card payments which has been very favourably received by the Motorists as well as reducing the levels of cash in the meters.

All of the meters are networked onto the UTS / Parkeon “MyParkfolio” back-office and UTS are also contracted to carry out routine maintenance including supply and loading of tickets in the meters.


Town of Sligo Replaces Ageing P&D Meters

Pay and Display was introduced in Sligo over 12 years ago. Over time a significant number of the meters had broken down due to either obsolescence of parts as well as decertification of the credit cards readers that were installed on some of the meters.

Under the Office of Public Procurement The Council outsourced a contract to replace all of the meters in The Town. Park Rite were awarded the tender to manage the Contract and engaged UTS as a sub-Contractor to provide 50 new Parkeon STRADA “Rapide” Evo II meters as well as a number of refurbished STRADA meters. The Council decided NOT to opt for any additional armouring / security packs on the meters citing no previous serious attacks versus the additional cost for the armouring.UTS Parking replaces old Meters in Sligo With New OnesOut with the Old, In with the New

The meters went into service early November 2018 and most are supplied with both coin and contactless payment options as The Council were keen to offer a “cashless” option to provide choice to the Motorist, reduce the level of coins going through the meters and ultimately reduce cost of coin processing.

Under the Contract UTS provide all of the support with Park Rite employing 1 Staff member on site to attend to first-line actions such as ticket loading and managing coin collections.

UTS also provide all of the back-office functions for networking the meters onto the MyParkfolio Meter M.I.S. as well as providing an end to end e-payments processing service as well as handling any e-payment enquiries received from Motorists.


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