After-Care & Maintenance

The importance of keeping your meters maintained by trained professionals cannot be underestimated. 

Your meters are the source of your revenue and deserve the best in terms of looking after. It’s a fact - an on-street meter will yield many multiples of its operational cost over its life with meters in a parking lot yielding infinitely more.

While your Parkeon meters are designed to withstand the worst extremes of abuse, wear and tear, dust, pollution and all the other adverse conditions of being placed in the middle of a busy City, they, like all machines need regular maintenance. The cost of maintenance should be considered as an insurance policy towards extracting the maximum value out of your investment.

Our ethos is to look after our Customers’ machines as if they are our own


An Engineering Approach 

UTS have gained immeasurable knowledge working on large parking contracts where we would install the equipment and take care of ongoing service and maintenance demonstrated by the fact many of our Customers still have fully-operational meters that have well exceeded their specified lifespan. 

We not only take care of the actual meters but carry out regular inspections and audits on cash-boxes and keys making sure they’re in tip-top condition enabling cash collection crews to carry out collections smoothly end effortlessly. 

We also work closely between Customers and cash collection contractors provide regular training to cash collection staff, especially when new meters are installed. We offer a range of maintenance and after-care plans that include scheduled preventative maintenance visits resulting in potential problems being “engineered out” before they occur.


Local Knowledge 

We install and service meters all over the Country and our Service Technicians are familiar both with the meters and local geography enabling us to attend and rectify faults quickly minimizing inconvenience to the Public and loss of revenue. We have our own expertise and are able to provide scaleable support where and when needed regardless of distance. We have a modern fleet of service vehicles fully equipped to tackle every job ensuring a first visit first fix result.

Cashless Payments 

As Banks and card issuers continue to roll out “contactless cards” more and more UTS meters are being equipped to accept coin and card as standard. Of course all card payment interfaces on our meters and associated servers and communications meets latest EMV and PCI DSS compliance. 

Working with approved Partners, UTS provide a single-source payment window for card transactions avoiding the need for a Client to find an acquirer, Payment Service Provider (PSP) and bank. UTS manage prompt funds settlement as well as web-enabled secure Client access to transaction histories both for older CHIP & PIN and latest “contactless” card payments. 

Coin is still here for a long while to come, but the ease, security and convenience of contactless payment makes this a winner. For the Parking Operator, it offers the user another way to pay and as card payments increase fewer coin collections are needed as well as the attraction of vandalism. For the motorist, using their card without having to search for the correct coins or enter a PIN is convenient and safe. 


Cash Collection and Processing Management 

More and more Customers are looking for a one-stop service for their entire parking operation and a large element of on-street parking is of course collecting the money. UTS work with the leading Cash in Transit providers and provide a vital management interface between the Parking Operator and the CIT provider. We take care of ensuring meters are collected when required and funds are lodged on time to the Client. We also have expertise in funds tracking and reconciliation – a function that can take considerable resources in terms of time and cost for Council administration. We also take responsibility for CIT staff training and provide dedicated maintenance and service support for CIT personnel. e.g. regular audits of cash-boxes, locks and keys and replacing / servicing on a proactive basis and kept in full working order resulting in CIT drivers can work effortlessly from one meter to the next on a busy cash collection run. UTS Staff are also able to carry out emergency / rescue collections and deliver the coin directly to our CIT partners where a machine may have been inadvertently missed on a collection run or was unable to be collected as a result of vandalism.


Financing Your Complete Parking Service

The cost of finance has never been lower and the option to lease rather than purchase makes more sense than ever. 

Parking meters are a prime asset to lease rather than purchase. Limited life, rapidly evolving technology, excessive wear and tear make purchasing of these types of assets uneconomical and unpredictable. 

Far better to let others share or even completely underwrite the risk of ownership. UTS offer a complete parking solution packaged in a range of options through a competitive and flexible finance arrangement aimed at taking the risk out of on-street parking.

While many Banks and investors are ready and willing to provide competitive financing the cost of ownership still rests with the Parking Operator. The financial institution will indeed provide funding, but nothing more. Our product combines competitive finance AND the complete service so cost variables are minimised or indeed completely eliminated depending on which option best suits you. 

We all want to predict the future and while we don’t use a crystal ball or predict the Lotto numbers, we give you the next best solution tailored for your parking operation. 

Imagine being able to roll out a complete infrastructure of meters and services with the flexibility to upgrade equipment as new technology becomes available. UTS have all the services such as parking space monitoring, parking guidance and enforcement tools as well as the ability to have your meters professionally maintained and repaired – all for a fixed cost. Your income starts on day one and without the worry about paying down a large capital cost with all the associated depreciation, unpredictable repair costs, write-offs and replacements. 

Now add the option to even include any vandalism for marginally more, but still maintain a fixed cost. 

With our leasing service you never own the meters and that means you never have the headaches. You can opt for an entry-level service where we provide the meters and networking services while your own staff take care of the front-line tasks such as loading the paper and repairs. We guarantee competitive rates for replacement parts and repairs using only Manufacturer supplied parts. 

Step up a level and we can take care of all the front-line maintenances with expertly trained staff locally based, to ensure immediate response. 

Another level will ensure you have a complete service – your monthly leasing fee covers every eventuality – supply of equipment, service and maintenance and finally includes all, yes ALL equipment replacement whether by vandalism or vehicular impact. 

Municipalities funds are finite and need to cover more and more services so being able to lease equipment makes real sense and enables precious funds to be allocated in other areas requiring capital expenditure. 

Talk to us today about what we can offer to give you a state of the art parking service guaranteed to benefit your Customers and keep your Finance Department and your Parking Managers happy.


Stock Management 

UTS invest heavily in stock meaning we always have sufficient spares to manage comfortably and has earned us a reputation for prompt and reliable service. While stock represents a significant cost it means that we can be very efficient in our scheduling of service and maintenance calls. This is bolstered by our dedicated team of field service technicians who are flexible in working where last-minute scheduling is very much part of the nature of this industry.

 All stock is now electronically tracked ensuring we have a sufficient availability of all items as well as sufficient back-up to compensate for time taken with factory repairs / turnarounds and the like. We also look where we can carry out in-house repairs especially with 3rd party equipment so we can avoid excessive added costs and delays where we would otherwise have to work through a competing dealer. UTS are constantly on the look-out for competitively priced spares so we can pass any savings onto our Customers. 

As our Quality Management programme any parts returned to UTS following repairs by the respective manufacturer are tested before being put on the shelf or into the service vans.


Battery Science 

While all of our meters are solar-powered, the techie bit is that the solar panel charges a battery which in turn is used to power the machine. The performance of the machine is therefore completely reliant on the performance of the battery. Battery management is an important part of our Preventative Maintenance operation where batteries are routinely serviced to ensure optimum performance. This is especially important during winter. Batteries are brought into our workshop and undergo a rigorous test and only those batteries that pass are re-used. This has proven to extend the life of the battery, ensure optimum machine reliability and lower running costs. 

As a member of the WEEE Society we adhere to a strict policy for the responsible and compliant disposal of batteries that are no longer usable. 

Increased use of IT for Field Services 

All of our field service technicians carry smartphones with bar-code technology and connect to our server in real time to our stock management system.  Technicians are able to “scan” in and out any parts used. Previously this was a laborious task necessitating long serial numbers to be recorded manually. 

We are also rolling out electronically based job-cards to replace our current worksheets. These changes are being phased in predicated by having a greater range of machines, larger stock and requirement to reduce driver fatigue, save fuel and maximize on-site time.


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